TCBC--OurFactory-BigFistMany things are important to us at the The Tasmanian Chilli Beer Company:  who we support, the quality of produce we use, and the type of equipment we use. Our aim is to produce exceptional quality beverages in a sustainable, ethical manner.

“We support local”

The Tasmanian Chilli Beer Company endeavours to support local growers, suppliers and service providers. Whenever possible, we source the best produce from local, small-scale growers who employ environmentally sustainable farming practices. We also use local businesses for the design and printing of our labels, for freighting and for ingredients and equipment supplies. We also choose to retail to businesses that share our ideas.

‘Keeping it natural’

We use Australian made, brown bottles because they provide 100% UV light protection for our handmade drinks (unlike green or clear bottles). As a result, our drinks retain their natural colour and flavour, without the use of artificial ingredients.

Simply put, our drinks only contain fruit, yeast, water and sugar…..nothing else!

‘Getting our priorities right’

Energy and natural resource wastage minimisation is a high priority for TCBC. We employ energy efficient principles, use insulated equipment and brewing facilities and source recycled and biodegradable materials where possible. We also encourage our retailers to recycle our boxes by offering incentives to return packaging for re-use.

‘Plan for the near future’

The Tasmanian Chilli Beer Company Farm: We hope to supplement the produce supplied to us by local farmers by growing some of our own.

We already grow chillies and our raspberry patch is maturing nicely!